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718 Boxster Models. The layout included is for an off-board tube socket (not mounted on the PCB). akai headrush analogman bi-chorus Analogman sunface arena reverb Arion Bass Distortion Arion Chorus big muff bjf honey bee boss bf-2 boss ce-1 boss ce-2 Boss CE-3 boss cs-2 tube driver model911 boss dd-2 boss dd-5 Boss DD-6 Boss DF-2 boss dimension tube driver model911 c boss dm-2 BOSS EH-2 boss fz-2 Boss HR-2 boss oc-2 Boss PH-1r boss ph-2 Boss PN-2 boss tube driver model911 PQ-3B boss ps-2 Boss PS-3 boss. Compatible with all electric guitars and amplifiers. As shown in the. 0-liter, flat-6 engine produces a healthy 379 horsepower and 331 pound-feet of torque, which is enough to get this rear-wheel. It characterized the original 911 for over 50 years and finds its highly contemporary counterpart in tube driver model911 the current 911.

Butler Tube Driver - Real Tube Overdrive; tube driver model911 Chandler tube driver model911 Dynamo tube driver model911 - Tube Preamp for Musical Instruments; Chandler Tube Driver (rackmount) Tube Works 902 Real Tube (rackmount) Tube Works 913 Tube Driver tube driver model911 (rackmount) Tube Works 922 Real Tube II (rackmount). Butler (a keyboard player) to sound tube driver model911 like an overdriven Hammond organ, think Deep Purple. Top Rated Seller. Fully tested and fully functional. Butler Designed Tube Overdrive 3 knob by taijiTubeWorks 3 knob Tube tube driver model911 Driver guitar pedal demo with Kingbee strat by Gearmanndude Reviews. 4 knobs, tan with black graphics.

Jump to clips for direct comparison: 0:24 vs 0. or Best Offer + EUR 36. Controls: Tube Drive, HI & LO EQs and Output Level. Goes from low gain drive to high gain overdrive/distortion.

Notice especially the difference in the bass settings between the tube driver model911 two. Around 1993 Butler made a new model911 version of the older 4 knob Tube Driver through his Tube Works company, called model 911. Automotive subwoofer loaded enclosures manufactured for select vehicle make and models. No more suspense: our Porsche 911 Carrera S (992 generation) test car hit 60 mph in 3.

Chandler Tube Driver. Its stand-out qualities: exceptional power across the speed range, extraordinarily direct responsiveness and a wide torque plateau, even at low speeds. NOTE: is via PRIORITY MAIL. This amazing amount of power is achieved without any noticeable turbo lag and with such smooth integration, that you’d swear the car came from the factory as a Boxster Turbo. For sale is a BK Butler Tube Driver. These were a reissue of the Tube Works model 911 Tube Driver from the 1990s, not the 1980s Tube Drivers. The Tube Driver is a "Holy Grail" type pedal, but many people, especially younger players, have model911 never heard of it.

Contact and Information. Pre-drilled aluminium enclosure with laser engraved front. For service and return authorization, contact: A division of Genz Benz Enclosures, Inc. A Division of Genz Benz Enclosures Concept& Design: B.

If you&39;re looking for that "violin tone," this is the pedal for you. Porsche is the German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans and are headquartered in STUGARTT, and in a survey conducted by the Luxury Institute in New York, Porsche was awarded model911 the title of "the most prestigious automobile brand". It is in excellent condition tube driver model911 with minor cosmetic wear tube driver model911 from use.

911 Tube Driver / Classic Tube Overdrive (Tube Works) - Aroundthe TD Chandler began making TD&39;s again. It is the 911 model and is in near mint condition. Original box and paperwork are included. This pedal does have the Bias knob tube driver model911 upgrade! It was designed by B.

Tube Works Tube Driver Model 911. Actually I never completely stopped making original Tube Driver pedals, but just didn&8217;t emphasize them so much during the early TW years. TUBE DRIVER / Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz / KIT&39;s / PCB&39;s. Model: 911 Carrera GTS, 911 Carrera 4 GTS, 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet, 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet Engine and Transmission: 3. 8040 Washington Blvd, Jessup, MD 4. Check my feedback and buy tube driver model911 with confidence. Tube Drv models: based on 3-knob and 4-knob model911 Butler Tube Driver The Tube Driver is one of the rare pedals that contain an actual tube (12AX7).

The engine of the 911 models has a twin-turbo configuration. It was AC powered, not 9V powered. Driver&39;s Selection Online Shop. tube driver model911 商品番号:SN607 80年代の初期型TUBE DRIVERのサウンドを現代に蘇らせ、さらにバイアスコントロールでより緻密な音作りを可能にしたBK BUTLERのチューブOD!. Scottsdale, AZ 85257 Ph: 480.

The Porsche 911 GT3 will rejoin the lineup with a unique rear wing, a race-inspired front suspension, and a naturally aspirated flat-six with 500-plus horses. Butler started making the 4 knob Tube Drivers again as a production model under the Tube Works brand around 1993-94. TEL:. 911 Tube Driver / Classic Tube Overdrive (Chandler / BK model911 Butler) - Same as above, but made by Chandler in Taiwan circa 1994. 8-liter flat-six - seven-speed manual or dual-clutch tube driver model911 automatic Power. Both were placed after the Big Muffs in the signal chain. Tube Works 910 Tube Driver (3 knobs) Tube Works 911 Tube Driver (4 knobs) B. This is the Tube Driver clone.

The first, original, one was the BK Butler/Chandler Tube Driver. Because a deal with the unions means the model911 public hasn&39;t been able to apply to be a Tube driver since. Mozztronics TD-1 12AX7 Tube. ON AN ISLAND TOUR, REMEMBER THAT NIGHT, and LIVE IN GDANSK - Gilmour&39;s On an Island Tour effects board used two new model 911 B. Dimensions: 120x100x35mm. com and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. ZZ, EJ, DG & all the Pros get THIS Tube Driver! These are some of the items you can find at LMPerformance for your Porsche.

TUBE DRIVER - OFF * CV Relief Sale-9 * The Original * By BK BUTLER. TubeWorks 3 knob Tube Driver guitar pedal demo with Kingbee strat - Duration: 5:16. Tube Works Overdrive B. Summary of Contents for Tube Works TUBE DRIVER 911 Page 1 This is the full extent of the warranty; no other warranties implied or intended. BK Butler Tube Driver 12AX7 Overdrive Effect Pedal 5-Knob w/Bias Model 911. Includes the original box and all paperwork. £100,000 a year nanny job in BARBADOS. Build it at your own risk!

Porsche Online Newsletter. And therefore directly adjacent to the driver. By providing drivers with an amazing 100hp over stock, the TPC Racing 986 Boxster/S Turbo Kit is tube driver model911 truly the ultimate 100% bolt-on turbo kit for theBoxster/S. For sale is a BK Butler Model 911 Tube Driver tube driven overdrive effects pedal. Butler Tube Drivers, made in. 718 Cayman Models. View photos and tube driver model911 details of our entire used inventory.

Equipped with Porsche&39;s. All Rights Reserved. Original Sovtek tube. 0 seconds flat and tripped the quarter-mile lights in 11. Sales, service and installation available at your local car stereo store and automotive electronics specialist in Jackson Wyoming, Jackson Tint and Sound. The horizontal orientation of the interior is striking. In tube driver model911 short: excellent performance that responds to the driver in an instant.

NEW TUBE DRIVER w/BIAS *CV tube driver model911 Relief Sale* 0 OFF * BK. 3 seconds at 125 mph. Make Offer - B K Butler Tubedriver Model 911 SibuS. Heart of the Tube Driver is a real hand-selected 12AX7 tube by BK tube driver model911 Butler himself. Serving tube driver model911 Miami, Florida (FL), tube driver model911 LuckyDriver Sportcars is the place to purchase your next Used Porsche. All the relevant operating controls are located, within grasp, to the tube driver model911 left and right of the Multifunction sports steering wheel. The 911&39;s base powertrain is a real doozy. It was 9V powered, like most pedals, making it more marketable to a larger crowd.

This tube-equipped overdrive is used by David Gilmour, Eric Johnson, and others. Later in about 1993 or 1994 I revived the pedal in earnest and named it after my &8216;love on 4 wheels&8217;, the model 911. Then (I guess) Tubeworks bought the design & started making the Tubeworks Tube Driver. This item is fully functioning. From United tube driver model911 States.

Tube Driver Please Note: This project has some problems with noise. Original Chandler Tube Driver on the right, TubeWorks 911 Reissue on the left. driver 2-3 Typical transit time within USA! Butler" Excellent+ condition. It was basically the Real Tube circuit without the mid range tube driver model911 knob, not the older BKB/Chandler circuit from the 1980s. Incredible jobs you can do.

The twin-turbocharged, 3. Summary of Contents for tube driver model911 Tube Works TUBE DRIVER 911 tube driver model911 Page 1 This is the full extent of the warranty; no other warranties implied or intended. This pedal works perfectly and sounds incredible. gearmanndude 34,518 views. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off.